Milorganite® Testimonials

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Green and healthy lawn in Alabama fertilized with Milorganite fertilizer.

"Can't say enough good things about Milorganite. I tell everybody I know about it!  A picture is worth a thousand words..." Michael – Channahon, IL

Children playing in healthy and green lawn after using Milorganite fertilizer.

"I’ve been using Milorganite for two years now. My 5- & 8-year-old daughters love to help me in the lawn and vegetable garden. It’s such an easy product to use with amazing quick results." Michael - Loomis, CA

Vibrant, green lawn in Ohio fertilized with Milorganite.

"I‘ve been using Milorganite for two years and it has really helped my lawn and plants to thrive. Thank you!." Amy - New Lenox, IL

Bright green lawn in Connecticut, fertilized with Milorganite.

"I've been using Milorganite on my lawn for the last 4 years. Easy to use and non-burning. I get good results year-round." Ze – Oakdale, MN

Before and after of bright green lawn fertilized with Milorganite.

"We moved into our house about 4 years ago and ever since getting the new sod, I’ve consistently stayed on top of keeping it healthy and looking good. It wasn’t until 2 years ago though that I heard about Milorganite. Thanks to Milo, the lawn has never looked better. It provides a dark green color and thickens up the turf substantially. I will be a Milo customer for life!" Brady – Olathe, KS

Lawn in Virginia fertilized with Milorganite, an organic fertilizer.

"Started using about two seasons ago, my dead and bare spots grew in, and I have a green lawn that neighbors ask about now!! Thanks!" John - Orland Park, IL

Healthy green lawn in Virginia that is fertilized with Milorganite.

"When the neighbors frequently stop by to see what my secret is, I know the Milorganite I apply several times a year is doing me good!" Brian – Appleton, WI

Beautiful green and healthy landscape thanks to Milorganite fertilizer.

"The smell of success does wonders for your yard!" Aaron – Machesney Park, IL

Tall and healthy lawn in Wisconsin thanks to Milorganite.

“Milorganite is amazing!  We have used it for years!  Makes our yard a dark green and the neighbors hate it!!” Rebecca - Spanish Fort, AL

Lush green grass fertilized with Milorganite in Minnesota..

“This is my 2nd year using Milorganite.  I wanted a fertilizer that was safe for kids and pets.  Love it!!!!” Curt – Mechanicsburg, PA

Child swinging in healthy and green lawn after using Milorganite fertilizer.

“I started with a horrible weed lawn and a mix of everything. With help from Milorganite, I've seen even better green and a thicker lawn into the second season using it. Milo for life!” Justin – Crestview, FL

Front lawn fertilized with Milorganite for a healthy green look.

“Upon moving into our house, the yard was terrible. After discovering Milorganite, it was a game changer!” Brett – Seymour, IN

A nice green lawn in Wisconsin after having followed Milorganite's reccomended fertilization schedule.

“Milorganite is a game changer!  My lawn is looking better than ever.” Cory – Hilliard, OH

Lawn in Tennessee fertilized with Milorganite, an organic fertilizer.

“This product has revolutionized my yard! It’s made it beyond green and it so easy to apply. Thank you!” Cameron - West Grove, PA

Picture of Milorganite's ability to create healthy green grass.

“Completely transformed my turf! Got the neighbors asking what products I’m using. Thank you!!” David – Ludlow, MA

Picture of lawn fertilized with Milorganite in Virginia.

“This is what Milorganite has done to my lawn. Glorious!” Christopher – Forest, VA

Green lawn fertilized with Milorganite in Massachusetts.

“Started using Milorganite to improve plant and soil health. After just one year starting with many bare spots and weeds, Milorganite has my TTTF in CT looking great!” Jason – Southington, CT

Picture of lawn after using  Milorganite fertilizer in Utah

“Started using Milorganite last season and had good results. Continued using it this year and have had amazing results.” Richard – Houston, TX

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