“We’ve sold Milorganite forever at Steins because our customers just love it - it’s our top selling fertilizer. Our customers prefer Milorganite because it won’t burn their lawn and for its slow release organic nitrogen. We also use it in out private label fertilizer blends because it adds organic matter and iron. ”

Rudy Zeilhofer - Buyer
Stein Gardens and Gifts, WI


"At Otten Bros. in Long Lake, MN, we stock Milorganite in the 36 lb. bag. We love that it's an eco-friendly natural fertilizer. Milorganite's 4% Nitrogen releases slowly for a long feeding and without concern about burning. It's easy to apply with a broadcast spreader around the entire yard. We also expound upon the added benefit that Milorganite repels deer from that area! We heart Milorganite!!"

Christie Wood - Assistant Garden Center Manager
Otten Bros - Long Lake, MN


"When I started working at Hicks Nurseries 27 years ago Fred Hicks told me that when someone asked what fertilizer to use for “fill in the blank” just say Milorganite. That advice has served us well for decades."

Bob Friedl - Senior Buyer
Hicks Nurseries - Westbury, NY


Mission Hill Nursery was founded in 1910 by the legendary horticulturist Kate Sessions in San Diego, CA. "I took ownership of this wonderful historic garden center in 1989. As a life long nurserymen I have always sold Milorganite with my previous employers, so when I bought Mission Hills Nursery I was committed to offer Milorganite Organic Fertilizer as a staple of our fertilizer mix. Its organic qualities fit well with the direction I wanted to take the nursery back in 1989, which was to offer more natural products for the home gardener. Milorganite's slow release fertilizer is an excellent fit for new gardeners who are concerned about burning with a synthetic fertilizer. Its ease of application and ability to be used in the entire garden makes it a popular choice."

Fausto Palafox - President
Mission Hills Nursery - San Diego, CA